Welcome to Jimmy Mullen Golf

I started playing golf at the age of 3 at Royal North Devon Golf Club. I have since then become a member of RND golf club where for the past nine years I have won many Club, County and Regional tournaments and have represented at Club, County and national levels, including England A Team.

My first golf coach was Ian Parker of Royal North Devon golf club and now my coach is Paul Mitchell

My main ambition in life is to be a top class professional golfer and one day compete in The Masters. I know this is not a simple task and will take an extraordinary amount of hard work, dedication and commitment all of which I am prepared to do. I cannot see myself doing anything other than being a professional golfer as I don’t think I would be good at anything else!

I have therefore committed myself to two simple rules………

#Rule 1 – Never give up on your dream
#Rule 2 – Never forget Rule 1